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Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth

September 2020

Moving jobs

I quit my job as Backend lead and will be going back into engineering as a Backend engineer, so I’m winding down my work at my current company.


I haven’t really written much lately, this transition period before/after quitting has been stressful for me. I’m now feeling a bit more relaxed because everything is set in motion. I have also spent some time improving my knowledge management system, so I can hopefully dig up some gems I have and turn them into blog posts.

Deep focus

I’ve been experimenting with some pomodoros and blocking out distractions (like twitter/HN via /etc/hosts file editing) so I can have some periods of deep focus while coding at work. One issue of being a manager is that I try to keep myself interruptable so I can help out. This isn’t great for work such as coding or writing, so I’m trying to get into a routine of forcing some deep focus time so I can increase my ability to focus.

August 2020


My plan is to keep my habit of writing weekly, I’m focusing on the system now rather than a goal like writing a book (which is something I’d like to do) because it’s how these things work best for me.


Learning more about CQRS, I used to work in a company that used this pattern, I’m now using Django, so I miss it, and I’m rusty with it. I got inspired by Europython last week and I want to re-learn it and get better at it.


Embryonic plan, still mostly in my head, but I’m doing an experiment of unplugging my gaming computer so I don’t play games, and it’s been working fine, I miss the games, but I have so many other things to do that it’s not painful anymore. Focusing on reducing my identity (e.g. I’m a gamer) seems to work better than simply decluttering.