Fonts in X11

I like trying out new fonts, and I want to use them in all of my machines, so I keep the .fonts directory saved in a private git repository so I can easily synchronize.

Switching fonts in i3 (window manager) and kitty (terminal emulator) are easy, you just need to know the font name on X11, and remember to refresh them. These are two things that I tend to forget how to do. So this is a note to my future self.

Refresh fonts cache

This will refresh the fonts on every font folder in the system (even tho I only care about $HOME/.fonts).

$ fc-cache -vf

What’s the name of the font?

This prints out the list of all font name, puts it in less so you can easily search through.

$ fc-list | sort | less


The kitty terminal emulator has a nice way of helping you configure the fonts you use. Not only does it have great documentation on how to configure it, but it also has a command to let you know which fonts are available and what their names are.

$ kitty list-fonts