Vim plugins I use

Here are the vim plugins I use right now.

Plugin sainnhe/gruvbox-material

This is my current colorscheme, I’m enjoying it so far, I use it with the “medium” background.

Plugin airblade/vim-gitgutter

This plugin displays a character on the gutter (the left of the line number) with either a +, a - or ~ meaning the changes against the git stage. Very useful to see what changes I made and whether I’ve made too many changes and should commit.

Plugin alok/notational-fzf-vim

Notational Velocity is a whole system where you can easily search notes and create new ones from a simple input. This plugin gives vim that functionality. I haven’t used it much, but it looks good.

Plugin bogado/file-line

This plugin allows you to open files with the format file.txt:34 where 34 is a line number. With it, running vim file.txt:34 opens vim with that file on that line number.

Plugin cespare/vim-toml

Syntax highlighting for toml files.

Plugin chase/vim-ansible-yaml

Syntax highlighting for Ansible playbooks.

Plugin christoomey/vim-tmux-navigator

Some very useful key combos for moving from vim to tmux panes with a simple Control+hjkl.

Plugin dense-analysis/ale

Ale is an engine for linting files asynchronously, it does a LOT more than that, but I haven’t explored it enough, right now, it just works.

Plugin easymotion/vim-easymotion

Pressing s (not sure if you need to configure it or not) in normal mode asks me for a letter and gives a name (just a letter or two) to every character in the screen with that character. Easier to watch than explain, this allows you to drive vim very quickly and intuitively.

Plugin editorconfig/editorconfig-vim

Enables Editorconfig support in vim.

Plugin gabesoft/vim-ags

A great way of searching for strings in your projects, it shows in a new window with a bit of context + it allows for multiple editing. I can probably replace it with fzf or something else, but I really like the other features. You don’t have to use ag for searching.

Plugin hotwatermorning/auto-git-diff

A plugin that shows the diff during a git rebase -i, incredibly helpful to see what the commit contains, especially when you simply write “Fixup” or “WIP” in the commit message.

Plugin itchyny/lightline.vim

The plugin that drives my statusbar, light and configurable.

Plugin junegunn/fzf

Along with junegunn/fzf.vim make my vim amazing, it comes with fuzzy search for many things, most notably :Files, I replaced Ctrl+P with this plugin, it even allows for a pop-up now!

Plugin junegunn/goyo.vim

Distraction free writing in vim.

Plugin junegunn/vim-peekaboo

Shows the registers in the right side, so it’s easy to see what things are in which register. Also shows you the macros.

Plugin lifepillar/vim-colortemplate

A plugin to help develop vim colorschemes using colortemplates.

Plugin lilydjwg/colorizer

Display the color of a hex or rgb as the background. Very useful for writing CSS.

Plugin liuchengxu/vim-which-key

Shows what each shortcut after pressing Leader does. I loved this feature in Spacemacs and when I saw this plugin, I just had to add it. Been using Leader a lot more now.

Plugin machakann/vim-highlightedyank

Shows a small flash when you yank something. Not super fancy, but I love seeing it.

Plugin majutsushi/tagbar

Shows a tag bar on the right with every function/variable etc… Helpful when reading big files.

Plugin mxw/vim-jsx

Syntax highlighting for jsx files.

Plugin plasticboy/vim-markdown

Syntax highlighting for markdown files.

Plugin rust-lang/rust.vim

Tools to help developing with Rust.

Plugin scrooloose/nerdtree

A file navigator on the left of your files, just like on other editors. I use it with ryanoasis/vim-devicons so it looks prettier.

Plugin shougo/deoplete.nvim

Autocomplete engine that makes coding a lot more pleasant, I use it with zchee/deoplete-jedi for python.

Plugin tpope/vim-commentary

Helps comment out lines of code in different languages.

Plugin tpope/vim-eunuch

Adds a few file utils withing vim, such as removing a file you’re editing.

Plugin tpope/vim-fugitive

An amazing Git visualiser within vim.

Plugin vimwiki/vimwiki

A wiki engine for Vim.