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How I write bash

This is a short guide to help me write bash scripts since I usually tend to review my previous code in order to remember how I write Bash.

Template file

This is what I usually start every bash script with:


set -o errexit
set -o nounset
set -o …

What is fzf

I use the terminal a LOT, my main editor is neovim, and all external commands are run from a terminal in a tmux session usually. The only GUI I use is a browser, everything else, I give preference to TUIs.

Being quick is part of the advantage of the …

Servant Leadership vs Transformational Leadership

I read the term Transformational Leadership in the book “The Project Unicorn”, followed by the following description: “For the leader, it no longer means directing and controlling, but guiding, enabling and removing obstacles (…) It requires understanding the vision of the organization, the intellectual stimulation to question the basic assumptions of …

Mise en place

Mise en place” is a term I learned the other day on a Hacker news thread, it describes “the setup required before cooking”. Apparently, cooks usually prepare everything they need before cooking a meal, this includes having a clean kitchen, putting all the ingredients in already measured containers, so that …

Dealing with packages not owned by `pacman`

I had installed python 3.5 using yay (an installer for packages from Arch’s AUR packages) since it didn’t exist in the pacman repos, after removing that package, I started having issues with pip because it was bound to the python35 package which no longer existed.

I looked …