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Scalability? You ain’t gonna need it

An early stage startup, or any new project, should be built in an exploratory way, as an MVP, in order to get feedback from users so that they know they are building the right thing, the right way, before worrying about scalability.

This is because it’s much more important …

Moving to Doom Emacs

It’s funny how my previous post was about my favourite vim plugins when I have recently switched to doom emacs as my main code editor.

Why did you move to emacs?

Ever since I started using a lot of plugins with vim, I’ve been thinking whether I really …

Vim plugins I use

Here are the vim plugins I use right now.

Plugin sainnhe/gruvbox-material

This is my current colorscheme, I’m enjoying it so far, I use it with the “medium” background.

Plugin airblade/vim-gitgutter

This plugin displays a character on the gutter (the left of the line number) with either a …

How I write bash

This is a short guide to help me write bash scripts since I usually tend to review my previous code in order to remember how I write Bash.

Template file

This is what I usually start every bash script with:


set -o errexit
set -o nounset
set -o …

What is fzf

I use the terminal a LOT, my main editor is neovim, and all external commands are run from a terminal in a tmux session usually. The only GUI I use is a browser, everything else, I give preference to TUIs.

Being quick is part of the advantage of the …